Haqqani to be brought back forcibly: SC

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has rejected Pakistan former ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani plea on exemption from attendance in the court and directed him to appear before it within 3 weeks.

scA 9-member SC larger bench led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took up the case for hearing on Monday.

Attorney General (AG) Irfan Qadir and Asma Jahangir counsel for the petitioner appeared in the court.

AG told the court a joint meeting of interior secretary and Asma Jahangir was held under his chairmanship as per orders of the court and he was informed that fool proof security would be provided to Hussain Haqqani  after his arrival in  Pakistan. Helicopter will be provided to him on the  route from airport to his hotel and his residence and all the areas will be  kept under security blanket by security agencies, he stated.

Upon it the CJP remarked the security arrangements made by the government were appreciable.

Asma Jahangir said Hussain Haqqani had reservations despite all the assurances of security. “Haqqani asks what serious situation has emerged that he is needed in the country, she added.

CJP observed “Hussain Haqqani had left the country after giving the affidavit that he would return within four week. A sufficient time has been elapsed now what to speak of 4 weeks that Hussain Haqqani is not returning. Hussain Haqqani should honor his affidavit and court’s order”.

He further observed “we have extended ample opportunity to Hussain Haqqani and we will give no more time to him. It is better for him if he returns to country. Democratic system is in place in the country. Institutions are functioning and no one should need to worry in this regard. Government is providing security as much as it can provide to him”.

Asma Jahangir said the Hussain Haqqani be granted exemption from his attendance in the court.

The court rejected her plea and issued orders saying that Hussain Haqqani would be proceeded against under law if he failed to return to the country within 3 weeks. The court holds several options including revocation of his passport on this count. “We have given opportunity repeatedly. If Hussain Haqqani thinks that court can do nothing then he is under some delusion. If Hussain Haqqani does not come back willingly then he will  be brought back forcibly”, court remarked.

The court directed Asma Jahangir to contact her client Hussain Haqqani within two weeks and inform it about his return to the country.

The court also directed AG to send a copy of these orders of the court to Pakistan embassy in US .

The court granting last opportunity to Hussain Haqqani to appear before it adjourned the hearing of the case for 3 weeks.

Courtsey: The Nation

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